Thursday 6 January 2022

Its been a while.....

 Apologies to one and all and a belated 'Happy New Year' for both 2021 and 2022. After a relatively quiet 12 months due to the constant ups and downs that 'Covid' has brought with it and only a few online shows (good ones though!! Tebbs Contemporary 'Art and Science' in January and 3 counties open held in conjunction with Keele University in July)to write home about ,I thought id kick off 2022 with a triple header of exhibitions!!!! Opening this Saturday (8th Jan) at is the 'Celestial Bodies exhibition in Sheffield, followed by the week after (13th Jan) a number of my works being  included in the next selling exhibition cycle at in West Didsbury, Manchester. Towards the end of January I have also had a piece selected for the 'Manchester Open' taking place at 'Home' ...needless to say I am very excited about all 3 shows and can't think of a better way to start the new year. Fingers crossed I can carry on in this whirlwind fashion and I am hoping for a few more imminent announcements to follow . Please follow the links for more information on how to visit these venues (and please do as there will be loads of fantastic artists showing in all 3 events) and below should be some (as per usual) average photographs of some of my works on display. Until the next update which will hopefully be sooner than 18 months take care and best wishes for the forthcoming 12 months. For more recent examples of my ongoing works head over to my instagram page at

Sunday 25 October 2020

Bowery 2020

 To accompany my 2D work on display at 'Bowery' I have uploaded a number of new animated works to my Youtube channel. These will be up for the duration of the show and can be viewed here

Solo and group show exhibition news Autumn 2020

 Well it seems like an age since I last posted (which of course it is) and probably too much has gone on for everybody to list things that I have been up to in that time. So I will stick to the here and now. During lockdown I have been working on a set of drawings titled 'Thousand Year Storm'  so far 6 parts, these are ambiguous black and white pieces based upon some of my archived macro photographs but selected to hint at the swirling gases and elements that make up a gas giant planet. Part one of this series is currently on display in the Warrington 'Open Art Festival' taking place at the Warrington Museum and Gallery  but those who cant make it here is an image of said work...

Part two of the series will be showing in 'Paper Festival' towards the end of the year taking place (fingers crossed) across venues in Manchester, more of that to follow at a later time.
I have also been asked to show a large selection of works in my first solo exhibition for quite a while at 'Bowery' in Leeds. This is set to open next week (31/10/2020) and I am very much looking forward to it, updates on how its going will appear on my Instagram page (@davidlunt3211) and more info about the 'Bowery' can be found here I will be showing over 20 pieces taken from my ongoing project from the last 5 years and I havn't really had the chance to see them together before, I will post photos when the work is up. Anyway so long everyone and take care in these strange times.

Thursday 18 July 2019

The Universe is Expanding!!!

Apologies for a neglect of 'Blogspot' duties but I have been busy over the last year. I have exhibited in a number of shows and have been rapidly putting together a full body of work for a potential solo show towards the end of the year/ early 2020. For updates on work I regularly post on my axisweb page, 

as well as on Instagram,

Exhibitions have been coming thick and fast and as well as having work in the recent 'Hang Up' exhibition at 'Bankley Studios Gallery' for 'Manifest', I am showing 3 works with 'Lumen' at Nuffield Hospital in Oxford and 1/2 works have just been confirmed for a 'Moon Landing 50' celebration show at Illkely Manor in Yorkshire. All works are my recent exo-planet and exo-moon miniatures.
Hopefully more will follow!!
I should also be showcasing one of my animations at 'University of Mary Washington' in Fredericksburg, USA ( as part of their Autumn programme which I am very much looking forward to. In the meantime here is a recent drawing from my ongoing project 'Existence is Doubted' and a recent animation named 'Quadrillion' of which I am really pleased....

Gas Giant 1 2019 Ink and Pencil on Paper

For any further info please drop me a line!!

Tuesday 17 July 2018

'Approach' Blender Animation July 2018

A new animation just completed using my paintings and drawings as object textures.

Saturday 28 April 2018

New Work April 2018

I have finally completed my drawing 'New Tethyzonia Plots 1-35', a piece I have been working on for about 6 months and is part of my ongoing cycle, pictured is the final two drawings plots 34 and 35.

I have also started a new 'Blender' animation using my painting 'Hypothetical (exo)planet 4' as a texture, this is just the first part of a much longer animation which I hope to show in its full scope by the end of the year.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Planet Hopper 2018 Blender Animation

New piece following on from 'Interstellar 2', the audio track is from the NASA archives and to my understanding is the sounds emitted by the planet Saturn when sound waves were bounced off it (there is a complete 'sounds of space' mp3 on and also snippets directly downloadable from the NASA website), I have changed the pitch for the animation but apart from that its the same. An amazing naturally weird piece of music to accompany my short!! Once again my drawings and photographs are being used as textures for the planet(s) and structures and is taken from the viewpoint of a drone/probe searching for... well whatever drones/probes may be searching for...